Short guide of the functions for the windows key do.

Windows Key

Good ones to know:

  • Windows Key : Open and close the Start Menu
  • Windows Key + Pause/Break Key : Open System Properties
  • Windows Key + E : Open My Computer
  • Windows Key + D : Show Desktop
  • Windows Key + R : Open Run Dialog
  • Windows Key + F : Open Search
  • Windows Key + L : Switch Between Users, or Lock desktop while unattended
  • Windows Key + Control Key + F : Open Search For Computers program
  • Windows Key + M : Minimize All Windows
  • Windows Key + Shift Key + M : Restore after minimizing all Windows
The plus mark is never needed to be pressed, This is only a indicator that PLUS/ALSO that key(s) that comes after.

This button haves more functions also but we have listed the ones that can make your work flow better.