How to Edit content on the website

Step 1.

For editing text on your website.
Select page that you want to change first.
Step 2.

b_250_250_16777215_00_images_stories_editors_edit-content.gifWhen the page that you want to change is visible click "edit" button to start the editor.

Ps. You can ONLY edit pages that are related to you!...
Step 3.


When you are done changing the text click SAVE.

BUT if you don´t want to change the text you open in the editor you have to use CANCEL.

Because otherwise it locks the file so other people cant edit it.

So when the editor is open DONT use your browser window back button!!!!!

Don´t forget.
For the pages of the locations: In some text pages your see this red line. That is a page brake, and that one makes ...READ MORE LINK..

Microsoft Office users:

If you write text on the website always write the text in the editor on the website.

Never NEVER ever copy text direct from Office because it generates allot of shit code on the website.

If you have text that you want to use on the website that are in a Microsoft office document, do this:

Step 1. Copy all the text in your word document file.

Step 2. Open Notpad.

Step 3. Paste all the text in the Notpad.

Step 4. Mark all the text in Notpad.

Step 5. Now past it in the editor on the website.

Click HERE to see video about this..

Adding images on the website: image.gif


Use this buttons for adding pictures on the website.
In that menu that comes up you can also upload pictures.
But remember
1. The picture should maximum width of 800px
2. No spaces in the filename. Use "-" minus symbol instead of space

(Its a automated system that makes the big pictures small on the pages, and when people click the small picture the big picture comes up!)

And please remember to use a long text with preferably "Your shop name" and what it is on the picture on the Image Description and Image title, and its ok to use the same text for both of them. (helps us on google)..

Text edit on the website: To make a line breaker smaller then normal "ENTER" button click and hold "SHIFT" and then click "ENTER.

Toolbar b_250_250_16777215_00_images_stories_editors_toolbar_half.gifThe toolbar in the editor.

If you have the mouse over a icon for a second your get some information about what the button do.

(one buttons that i like is "Toggle fullscreen mode") for more easy see what i´m editing.